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We want you to feel comfortable with us at the Baumgeflüster Resort. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we have written down what is most important from our point of view.

We will confirm your reservation in writing by post, or by fax or email on request. This reservation is binding for both parties once it has been confirmed by both parties. Our prices are calculated for the occupancy of two people. If you would like to travel alone, please contact us. In the less busy time we can give a small discount if necessary. Otherwise, the price is the same for one or two people in a tree house suite. Each additional person - i.e. a third or fourth person in a tree house suite (depending on whether they are younger or older than 18 years) pays a standard fee. If you would like to come to us with small children under 6 years of age, please contact us separately. Many Thanks. We try to meet as many wishes as possible.

Upon receipt of the reservation, please pay your deposit within 14 days. You will receive the reservation confirmation together with the invoice. Please pay the remaining amount four weeks before your arrival. We do not have a credit card system at the resort. The contract is binding for both parties even if the invoice is paid later.

Power consumption
If it turns out in the cold season that the power consumption is disproportionately high - for example, because the heating is high when the windows are open, an additional usage fee will be charged according to consumption on site, which can be read on a meter. This is generally standard in holiday homes in Denmark. We would only like to fall back on it when we have gained initial experience and ask for your understanding.

Can't arrive? Need to cancel? In this case, we would like to ask you for a written message. Of course we try to rent out the tree house. Perhaps you have friends or acquaintances who would like to get to know the resort instead of you? If it is not possible to sublet, we unfortunately have to invoice the time booked - if you have taken out travel insurance, you can submit it. A conclusion is recommended: www.bad-
There is an administrative fee for cancellation.

getting there
We look forward to seeing you in the time slot from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. or by arrangement. We will then give you your tree whisper documents and your key. If, for some unexpected reason, the tree house is not ready in this time frame, we recommend an Ammerland restaurant where you can dine "delicious". When you come back, the tree house is always ready to move into. If your arrival is delayed, please contact the mobile number. 01 79- 73 92 658.

10.30 a.m.; Special arrangements are possible upon request

Value checks & vouchers
You can purchase value checks from us in the amount you specify. The recipient then simply pays the rest - according to their booking requirements. Of course we also send vouchers. The resort Baumgeflüster is something special and you can also pack your vouchers, which you can request from us, in a particularly nice way. Simply put them in a current magazine that reports about us. In this way, the recipient receives even more background information and the value of your gift becomes clear. The redemption of the vouchers and value checks takes place according to availability in mutual agreement. "One-night wishes" must be redeemed during the week. In the case of "two-night requests", we ask you to leave the "weekend", i.e. Friday to Sunday, "unharmed". Arrival on Friday is possible, as well as on Sunday - usually not on Saturday. We try to accommodate as many requests as possible. However, not all can be met. We ask for your understanding. A cash payment of the purchased vouchers or value checks is unfortunately not possible - not even partial amounts. The value checks and vouchers are valid for two years from the date of issue of the corresponding invoice. Vouchers and value checks can only be passed on to third parties in consultation with the Baumgeflüster Resort. If the vouchers and value checks issued are not paid within 14 days - as stated on the invoice sent to you, they will unfortunately have to be canceled. The vouchers and value checks then lose their validity. Special regulations are possible by mutual agreement when ordering vouchers and value checks.

Payment arrangements
The receipt of the reservation confirmation and NO objection from you within three days of receipt of the confirmation is considered a binding contract for both parties. Please pay the deposit in the specified time frame, the remaining amount up to four weeks before your arrival at the resort. We do not grant any reimbursement for services not used.

Our resort is reserved exclusively for "two-legged friends" - we would be happy to recommend a very good boarding house. Dear dog lovers, please understand our allergy-friendly tree houses! Dogs are not allowed in the Resort Baumgeflüster.

We cannot assume any liability for services provided by our partners!

Smoking is not permitted in our tree house suites. If you smoke on the terraces, please have an ashtray with you and DO NOT let the ashes fall on the wood. Likewise, the cigarettes do not belong on the forest floor. An official "smoking area" is available at the parking lot with a rustic ashtray. Please understand for allergy sufferers and for our untreated eco-solid larch wood. We would like to continue to leave the wood untreated! By the way ... our highly sensitive smoke detector in the tree houses detects everything! A forest fire broke out about 1 km from our resort in January. Fire of any kind is strictly prohibited in the resort!

Water consumption
Please act environmentally conscious during your stay at the resort. This applies to water and heating consumption!

Our floors in the tree house suites are made of soft larch wood that has simply been oiled. This is the gentlest processing method for a wooden floor - you enjoy pure health! Walk barefoot - it's the best you can do for your feet and therefore for your overall wellbeing. The alternative is to walk in wool socks or soft slippers. Please take off your street shoes when entering the houses. They help to keep the structure of the beautiful wooden floor. Ladies and gentlemen, please, please do NOT walk on heels (stiletto heels) on the wooden floor - it would then be broken. These are forbidden in the houses. We would be happy to provide you with hotel slippers at cost price.

Change of bed linen and towels
Each guest will find a complete linen package for themselves. That means beds made with Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy towels and washcloths. If you would like to have this "package" exchanged more than usual during your stay, this is possible at any time for a small fee.

Do you like what you can see, feel and touch?
Feel free to ask us about the articles that inspire you in particular, that you would also like to purchase. We would be happy to inform you of the sources of supply for our interior.

Bad luck?
We have created and furnished the tree house suites with passion. Please respect this unusual project and tell us and replace what you accidentally broke during your stay. The tree house suites are in perfect condition when you move in. We don't want to find out when counting the interior that something has broken or something is missing. The guests who come to the tree houses after you should feel just as comfortable as you. This also applies to damage of any other kind - please contact us and arrange the damage with us. Many Thanks.

Use of kitchen: The kitchenette has a high-quality Miele ceramic hob with 4 rings. This quickly becomes very hot. The saucepans must NOT be placed on the activated plates when they are empty. The saucepans break. If the pots are damaged on your part after improper use, we will have to invoice you for the purchase of new pots. The kitchenette is to be left in a clean condition on departure. Otherwise we have to charge an additional fee for cleaning.

Unfortunately, we have to investigate violations - please spare us this. The Baumgeflüster resort is a small piece of paradise that is lived ...

The place of jurisdiction is Westerstede - as of April 2020

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