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Wellbeing in the magic of the moment


The moment you enter our houses for the first time will be a special one for you - we promise! The tree houses are ideal rooms for allergy sufferers. Why? We are happy to explain that to you here:

100% larch wood was used for the tree houses - from the Austrian company Holzplus, which specializes in solid wood construction elements. This is a new form of solid wood construction - it shines with its excellent static, structural and healthy properties.


Holzplus elements are one of the most powerful building materials and are subject to the strictest monitoring bodies with regard to the Ü mark and official gluing. They are multilayered and completely solid made of wood - with formaldehyde-free PU adhesive. The special structure of the wooden elements guarantees precisely defined structural, fire-related and mechanical protection.


The wood is break-proof, fire-proof, radiation-proof and guarantees the highest quality larch wood. It does not contain any toxins for the home, is diffusion-open, UV-resistant, waterproof, dimensionally stable, multilayered thanks to single-layer panels and provides massive soundproofing thanks to its massive construction.


Strange but true ...

The unique processing

As the best natural product, larch wood from 20 cm offers the best shielding against electrical and electromagnetic radiation. Radio communication is possible.

Pleasant, comfortable room climate - even without heating!

A test at the Fraunhofer Institute has shown that at a room temperature of 21 degrees, the surface of a 24 cm thick wood of the Holzplus timber construction elements is 20.1 degrees - and that at an outside temperature of 1.1 degrees.

Perfect fire protection

The overall construction is gas- and smoke-tight - no burn-through can occur with this production. Expert opinions can be requested.

Strength tests

Various strength tests were carried out with Holzplus - wood at the Otto Graf Institute of the University of Stuttgart. The result was that even the maximum pressure load of the testing machine of 500,000 kg was not enough to buckle the wall elements.

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