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The Ammerland, especially Bad Zwischenahn am Meer, is characterized by a unique park landscape consisting of moor, heather, forest and meadows. Around 380 kilometers of well signposted hiking and cycling trails invite you to go on bike tours and walks.

Bad Zwischenahn is about 40 minutes south of the North Sea and therefore has a mild, stimulating climate. The air is almost free of dust due to the many prevailing winds. The Zwischenahner Meer - the pearl of the Ammerland with an area of ​​526 hectares is one of the most beautiful inland waters in Lower Saxony.

In the midst of this beautiful area you are suddenly, approx. 3 km from the Zwischenahner Meer, "somewhere in nowhere", in a unique place in Germany and not far from the coast of East Friesland.


Idyllically starting from an old clinker road, a forest path leads directly into the Baumgeflüster resort with its old trees, around 30 meters high. In May and June the rhododendron bushes glow between the beeches and oaks. In the future, the barns, a courtyard next to the forest, will invite you to a barn cinema on bales of straw with apple cake (planned) on warm days.

An apple orchard with a meadow of wild flowers is in the making. From the forest picnic area you can relax with a view of nature, which is inspiring, relaxing and beautiful in every season: spring, summer, Indian summer and snow flurries ...


Let yourself be enchanted!


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Bad Zwischenahn


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