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Give away

Rest time.


Give away "a view of the stars" on a clear night - just the two of you - from your bed! Give away something special. A view of a grazing deer from a height of several meters from your tree house suite or of squirrels climbing up the trees. Give away "feed birds once". Give away precious memories that weld together and are unforgettable.


"To spend a day undisturbed at leisure means to be an immortal for a day"
Chinese proverb


Give one away

Tree whisper voucher  

with a fixed daily quota.


or our tree whisper value check

with a sum you specify.


Upon request, we will send you your voucher or value check in a very simple and "innocent" neutral envelope. The recipient, who often lives in the same building, will not be aware of your surprise beforehand.

The redemption of vouchers takes place in mutual agreement.





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