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... full and happy!


You are welcome to book the delicious tree whisper breakfast.


Breakfast with room service - only much nicer:
The freshly prepared breakfast is brought to you in a picnic basket in the tree house suite: excellent hand-filtered coffee (or East Frisian tea with Kluntje and cream), fresh Ammerland milk, hand-made (still warm) hearty bread rolls, homemade jams of the season (sometimes even marzipan jam ), hand-formed multigrain black bread - freshly ground without any preservatives, cheese, sausage smoked in eel smoke - orange juice, herbal cream cheese with fresh leek.


Go out to eat or cook yourself?

In the immediate vicinity of the resort you will find the most beautiful restaurants for every taste. All tree houses are also equipped with a high-quality cook pantry. We are happy to provide you with the necessary cooking utensils for your self-sufficiency for a small fee. Please book this if necessary! Unfortunately, roasting is not possible in the tree houses - the untreated wood absorbs all smells for days - that's why the resort will get a grill kota in which all guests can grill comfortably in any weather.



When booking all houses, catering is also possible! A common room will be available in the future.


In August there are delicious unsprayed farmer apples - just as available.


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