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Tree whispers


East Friesland attracts with "a delicious Koppke tea un Krintstut"

Dates on request

There are various East Frisian tea blends - but only a few that are allowed to sell the name "Real East Frisian Tea". Our East Frisian connoisseur will introduce you to the secrets of tea and the real old East Frisian tea ceremony ... with delicious Thiele tea. In an absolutely cozy atmosphere at "Huurnhus" with another delicious specialty from East Frisia. Let yourself be surprised. You will never want to enjoy tea in any other way again ... A cultural asset that you can continue to take home and slow down!

Lisa Otteken - tour guide with a star (highest possible and recognized award in northern Germany) lets you experience and feel a tour away from the normal with a lot of passion - individually tailored to you and your companion. Dat dat dat gievt - so watt moies! Contact:


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