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Thank you tree whispers ...

Dear tree whisper team,

as we did not have a pen to hand, we could not immortalize ourselves in the beautiful guest book in the resort. We would like to do this here on the portal.

We thank you for the wonderful days. Starting with the hospitable handover of the keys including tips for excursions in your great house. As soon as we arrived in the forest, we felt relaxed. We couldn't wait to enter our tree house. Once inside, we wanted to stay forever. We were impressed by the mixture between modesty and innovation. The tranquility and beauty of the surroundings exude relaxation and peace. This is exactly why we came here. You can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. The spa town of Bad Zwischenahn is only a few kilometers away and offers something for everyone. In terms of weather, we had a mixture between rain and sun. The rainy nights were great. The rain pelted the tree house and the next morning we felt as good as we hadn't for a long time. That was also due to the homemade breakfast, which we got straight to the house. Fresh, still warm rolls, delicious jam which we took home in Tupperware jars :).

When handing over the keys, another very hospitable encounter and a great farewell. We'll be back for sure. We wish you all the best.

Lennart & Sabrina D. from Barsinghausen send best wishes


They have created a little paradise there that can hardly be described with words. You can feel the love that has gone into making these beautiful tree houses a reality. The whole thing was created with a lot of heart and you can feel that in all the details.

The care was warm and there were valuable tips for excursions.

It was two wonderful days and nights that we will live on for a long time.

Keep up the good work and stay true to your line.

We will come back. Certainly!

Kind regards from Hünxe send Rainer and Petra


Loss and hope from the coexistence of generations. One of the most pressing questions of our time arises: How do we deal with nature and its creatures? What future do we leave our children with? What are we ready to fight for? Preface from the novel by Maja Lunde: "The history of bees." We hope that our grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... can continue to visit and enjoy such a "little paradise" as the Baumgefluester Resort, just as we enjoyed it during our stay.

Sonja & Werner


Just let your mind wander while your eyes see the leaves dancing in the wind & your nose is enveloped in the smell of the wood. A place of all-in-being. A place to (re) find yourself. A place to discover. A place to refuel. A place of approach and knowledge! Thank-you.

J. & J. from "far, far away" :-)


Happy, liberating, protective, at home, beguiling, admirable, protective, calming, affirming, moving.

Danke! Michael & Ute, Hamburg


Doctor Forest -

If I suffer from a headache and neurosis, if I feel misunderstood or old, then I don't use the pill box, then I consult Doctor Wald.

He's my ophthalmologist, my psychiatrist, my orthopedist and my internist. He's sure to help me with every hangover, whether it's from grief or brandy.

He doesn't think much of powder and pills, but all the more of sun and light, he'll always treat me in silence, and he doesn't ask for a fee.

He always gets me on my feet, regulates my blood pressure and weight, works against heart attacks and gallstones, but unfortunately he doesn't make house calls.

Thanks and best regards - Sabstian und Kerstin aus Hildesheim


We say thank you for - a short but wonderful time up here between the treetops - the infinite peace here (because "the birds are not exactly quiet :-)) - deer, squirrel, mouse and bird watching - the good tips for Eating out - the delicious breakfast - the loving furnishing - the cozy bed with an extra long duvet - with greetings from Dithmarschen we say goodbye - see you next time -

Maren und Henning!


We spent three nights here. We liked it a lot. The delicious breakfast where we could watch the great spotted woodpeckers and squirrels jumping up and down the oak trees ... We watched the blackbird that had its nest right in front of the bathroom window. Unfortunately, no chicks hatched from the 5 small green eggs by the time we left.

Greetings from Matthias, Maren, Milena & Mathilda


Just one night in this beautiful tree house and we heard the trees whisper and received their energy. We wish that all people treat nature respectfully again. We thank you for your loving attention.

Ingrid & Jürgen


Lots of windows, spring green, birds chirping, moonlight - what do you need curtains for? We are happy to have "found" you. A place to slow down - there is nothing to do - how nice.

Danke Andreas & Manuela aus Gevelsberg


Dear tree people! That was a very successful wedding present for my husband - and of course - quite unprofitable - for me :-)

So beautiful. Beate & Roland from the Ruhr area


Incredible ... we saw the fawns!

Madness!!! We didn't want to move at all - just "roll" our eyes because we couldn't believe it. Directly in front of our tree house terrace two deer and their fawns came - as with Hansel & Gretel - but much nicer! We took pictures without end, otherwise we still couldn't believe it - that there is such a thing - this trust of the animals. Thank you - thank you - thank you for this experience! We'll keep whispering that !!!!

Martin and Maria from Hamburg - we definitely still come very often - and each time to a different tree house - how can we not decide which is the most beautiful !!


Time for us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Dear Flüsterwald team - there are seldom places that enchant you visually, emotionally, haptically and in terms of taste. The forest, the animals, the beautiful tree house and the Ammerland including all delicacies slow us down immediately.

We look forward to the next time - the time to live with all your senses. Carola & Guido


From the fast lane of everyday life to the hard shoulder of relaxation. This is possible here in just a short time. Thank you very much for that!

Anje & Rob