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Tree whispers


Guest book

Would you like to enter yourself in the guest book? Please send your entry to We will be happy to update it. Many Thanks!


Thank you tree whispers ...

Dear tree whisper team,

as we did not have a pen to hand, we could not immortalize ourselves in the beautiful guest book in the resort. We would like to do this here on the portal.

We thank you for the wonderful days. Starting with the hospitable handover of the keys including tips for excursions in your great house. As soon as we arrived in the forest, we felt relaxed. We couldn't wait to enter our tree house. Once inside, we wanted to stay forever. We were impressed by the mixture between modesty and innovation. The tranquility and beauty of the surroundings exude relaxation and peace. This is exactly why we came here. You can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. The spa town of Bad Zwischenahn is only a few kilometers away and offers something for everyone. In terms of weather, we had a mixture between rain and sun. The rainy nights were great. The rain pelted the tree house and the next morning we felt as good as we hadn't for a long time. That was also due to the homemade breakfast, which we got straight to the house. Fresh, still warm rolls, delicious jam which we took home in Tupperware jars :).

When handing over the keys, another very hospitable encounter and a great farewell. We'll be back for sure. We wish you all the best.

Lennart & Sabrina D. from Barsinghausen send best wishes


They have created a little paradise there that can hardly be described with words. You can feel the love that has gone into making these beautiful tree houses a reality. The whole thing was created with a lot of heart and you can feel that in all the details.

The care was warm and there were valuable tips for excursions.

It was two wonderful days and nights that we will live on for a long time.

Keep up the good work and stay true to your line.

We will come back. Certainly!

Kind regards from Hünxe send Rainer and Petra


Loss and hope from the coexistence of generations. One of the most pressing questions of our time arises: How do we deal with nature and its creatures? What future do we leave our children with? What are we ready to fight for? Preface from the novel by Maja Lunde: "The history of bees." We hope that our grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... can continue to visit and enjoy such a "little paradise" as the Baumgefluester Resort, just as we enjoyed it during our stay.

Sonja & Werner


Just let your mind wander while your eyes see the leaves dancing in the wind & your nose is enveloped in the smell of the wood. A place of all-in-being. A place to (re) find yourself. A place to discover. A place to refuel. A place of approach and knowledge! Thank-you.

J. & J. from "far, far away" :-)


Happy, liberating, protective, at home, beguiling, admirable, protective, calming, affirming, moving.

Danke! Michael & Ute, Hamburg


Doctor Forest -

If I suffer from a headache and neurosis, if I feel misunderstood or old, then I don't use the pill box, then I consult Doctor Wald.

He's my ophthalmologist, my psychiatrist, my orthopedist and my internist. He's sure to help me with every hangover, whether it's from grief or brandy.

He doesn't think much of powder and pills, but all the more of sun and light, he'll always treat me in silence, and he doesn't ask for a fee.

He always gets me on my feet, regulates my blood pressure and weight, works against heart attacks and gallstones, but unfortunately he doesn't make house calls.

Thanks and best regards - Sabstian und Kerstin aus Hildesheim


We say thank you for - a short but wonderful time up here between the treetops - the infinite peace here (because "the birds are not exactly quiet :-)) - deer, squirrel, mouse and bird watching - the good tips for Eating out - the delicious breakfast - the loving furnishing - the cozy bed with an extra long duvet - with greetings from Dithmarschen we say goodbye - see you next time -

Maren und Henning!


We spent three nights here. We liked it a lot. The delicious breakfast where we could watch the great spotted woodpeckers and squirrels jumping up and down the oak trees ... We watched the blackbird that had its nest right in front of the bathroom window. Unfortunately, no chicks hatched from the 5 small green eggs by the time we left.

Greetings from Matthias, Maren, Milena & Mathilda


Just one night in this beautiful tree house and we heard the trees whisper and received their energy. We wish that all people treat nature respectfully again. We thank you for your loving attention.

Ingrid & Jürgen


Lots of windows, spring green, birds chirping, moonlight - what do you need curtains for? We are happy to have "found" you. A place to slow down - there is nothing to do - how nice.

Danke Andreas & Manuela aus Gevelsberg


Dear tree people! That was a very successful wedding present for my husband - and of course - quite unprofitable - for me :-)

So beautiful. Beate & Roland from the Ruhr area


Incredible ... we saw the fawns!

Madness!!! We didn't want to move at all - just "roll" our eyes because we couldn't believe it. Directly in front of our tree house terrace two deer and their fawns came - as with Hansel & Gretel - but much nicer! We took pictures without end, otherwise we still couldn't believe it - that there is such a thing - this trust of the animals. Thank you - thank you - thank you for this experience! We'll keep whispering that !!!!

Martin and Maria from Hamburg - we definitely still come very often - and each time to a different tree house - how can we not decide which is the most beautiful !!


Time for us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Dear Flüsterwald team - there are seldom places that enchant you visually, emotionally, haptically and in terms of taste. The forest, the animals, the beautiful tree house and the Ammerland including all delicacies slow us down immediately.

We look forward to the next time - the time to live with all your senses. Carola & Guido


From the fast lane of everyday life to the hard shoulder of relaxation. This is possible here in just a short time. Thank you very much for that!

Anje & Robert from Erft


The beguiling smell of wood inside, pure nature outside, pattering rain - we were allowed to enjoy all of this here. You have created a wonderful paradise that we would love to visit again. And then again, and then again. Thanks.

Isabellta & Henning, Munich


Arrive - and feel "at home". Great. Complemented by a visit to the toy museum in Westerstede. Wudnerable. Bringing out the "inner child". Trust yourself.

It was so nice - see you next time - Karin and Rudi from the Lower Rhine


... the mind could relax, the soul could calm down - and the body could relax! Man in harmony with nature. We are enthusiastic about this concept and the wonderful idea of how we humans can be touched again.

P.S and J. S. from Bayreuth


A place where the natural, the practical, the beautiful and the human complement each other so perfectly, makes one thing clear: Humans and nature can form a harmony. Nature offers everything for this. It is up to the human being to implement it.

Monia & Markus from Cologne


Dear Otteken family

We would like to thank you once again for the unique experience in your lovingly designed tree house. We really enjoyed the past three days and nights in natural seclusion (including the animal visit in the morning under the tree house). Thank you very much for the rich and soothing breakfast every day as well as the daily tips on the bread roll bag. We were definitely not there for the last time. We'll be back and would like to experience the resort Baumgeflüster at any time of the year. We wish you and your family as well as the Baumgeflüster team all the best and have a good time until we see you again.

With best wishes, Kathleen & Dirk, Würzburg


807 / 5000

Dearest Insa, Dear Baumgefluester - Team - we just want to say thank you. We really enjoyed the two days. The tree house, that's really great. We felt wonderful here. The squirrel darted nimbly through the trees. We enjoyed the blackbird, nuthatch, woodpecker and chaffinch. So many birds sang at the top of their throats. That was pleasure for our soul. Deer also stopped by - suddenly there were more than two (with a fawn!). The rhododendrons are splendid. But everything has also been thought of in the house. It is really cozy, we looked through nice magazines. Comfortable beds with a view of the trees - so beautiful that you think you're dreaming. In the "tree whisper" under the oaks, there is pure relaxation - the stress has to give way. Fam. B from Wolfsburg


I already miss the beauty of Baumgefluester!! It was so magical, peaceful and restorative to our souls. And the perfect birthday surprise for my husband. Thank you so much again from our hearts. Ahhhhh, it has been most inspiring for us! E., T. and little Benedikt, Berlin


Dear Mrs. Otteken

take a look at your guestbook! Sometimes words aren't enough, that's why we've composed a little song for you, the Treehouse Twist!

Thank you very much for the nice weekend and see you next time!

Nicole and Matze from Bremen


Dear tree whisper team

Thank you for the great preparation for the marriage proposal in the tree house suite! The bouquet of roses with white lilacs, the champagne in the fridge and the delicacies, the whole decoration - but especially the heart on the antlers - were great. It was a good time from start to finish. The marriage proposal was answered with "YES", so we will definitely see each other again as the Knudsen couple. We will definitely recommend you. Thank you - all the best!

The future Knudsen couple, Delmenhorst


We would like to say "THANK YOU" - we had a very special time in a very magical world: A "relaxation from ME" ... we will be back. Hopefully very soon.

Greetings from Munich from Lisa & Peter Jonason



For the great breakfast with the delicious Baumgeflüster bread rolls, the special jams and the super digestible coffee (please email the variety!); for the feeling of being welcome and cared for as a guest and that smaller requests are gladly fulfilled; for this unique opportunity for decision-making that you offer with your tree houses; that there is no TV !!!!; for the natural living environment, which was very good for me as an allergy sufferer; thanks for the recommendation from Bibi, whose massage was just heavenly !!

We wish you continued success with the tree house resort and always the necessary time to balance in your private life! Ute and Alf Vielitz - Rastede


... we are at home again ...

(which is also very nice), everything is unpacked, the first load of laundry is running and the longing for "our" tree house is still clearly noticeable. We enjoyed the days high up in the lovingly furnished tree house and will be back! !

Petra and Joachim from North Rhine-Westphalia


Pure relaxation!

Fold the deck chair back, put a cozy blanket over your legs and then look into the trees. The sun goes down, the light gets less and there they are: the stars. They sparkle like pinpricks in the mantle of the night. The birds fall silent, the rustling in the leaves on the ground becomes louder. The soft rustling of the leaves in the tree above us ... the opening of the door, the scent of fresh wood, the warmth of the house and the luxury of the bathroom. Waking up in bed (?) Or in the forest, the air fresh, with the scent of musty leaves and the woodpecker looking for breakfast. Two pigeons swing on the branches in the wind and hold their heads in the sun. Fresh coffee in hand, on the terrace, looking out into the forest, lovingly made breakfast on the table; we lack nothing, even the little mint leaves on the jam. Delicious.

This stay is a dream come true and we will be back for sure.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Martina and Stephan Toole from Hamburg


Thanks. I really felt a little closer to heaven.

Knut Mathieu - Lorraine



We are seldom speechless; There is always something going on in our club (, but we stood in front of your tree house suites for seconds - in silence! Fantastic, just fantastic! You have to experience that. There are no words to describe everything that we have experienced. These houses, the resort, the showers, the beds, the deer, this quiet, no TV & Co. And the surroundings! We enjoyed the forest and the mudflats - the next day we took the cutter to the island of Spiekeroog, we watched the fishing, marveled at the seal banks and hiked through the mudflats. In the evening we went back "home" to "our tree house". It was soooo beautiful. Thank you, dear Baumgeflüster team. Until next time - sincerely

Your Anja Scherret - Berlin


Can you pack me a house, please?

A tree whispering fan from Lorraine ... you already know who, Ms. Otteken ...


Look at the stars for hours without a rigid neck ...

I've always wanted to look at the stars and the full moon from bed with my girlfriend. It's just a shame that my girlfriend kept falling asleep - I kept having to wake her up. You know what, Ms. Otteken - she thought it was just as beautiful and romantic as I did ... and one more thing ... next year in September we will get married. ..thanks!

Sincerely, back in Berlin - Janine & Felix Bartholy (name is not correct yet, but we think that sounds nice .. :-)


The deer are really coming!

Wow, the few meters and you are so much closer to nature. In the morning we "hung" ourselves out of the window and just watched: the deer, the mice, the squirrels, the rabbits and the pheasants. At night we heard an owl. My wife still says it was an owl. We then did some research and found a link that could also be of interest to other tree whisper enthusiasts who cannot agree on the animal and bird world: Link for bird voices:

Have fun! Ulf & Karin Rubow from Denmark


Dear Otteken family

the Weser courier has not promised too much! We felt comfortable, we wish this place many visitors who appreciate and honor what you have created here. We wish that the love and joy with which you fill this place will always be greater than effort and exertion. I wish you all the best!

Michaela Höck and Jörg Wahlers, Bremen


Hard to believe ...

... we had planned so much during our "days off" - we wanted to "work off" a whole "slip of paper" with all the things that you can do and see in your area. What have we done? Nothing, Ms. Otteken - nothing at all! And it was great! At first the peace and quiet felt "strange", we said, "we have to go through this now" - and then: it felt fantastic. The scent of wood, the two of us and time for us, good books, games, speeches, silence - we felt very comfortable and thank you for this great idea and implementation! To you very soon!

Ewa & Philipp Schuhmann, Bremen


Dear Insa Thank You so much for a lovely, idyllic time in the forrest. Seer erholhsam! Love

Ivy and Tom - London


Paradise can be so close ... only an hour's drive and you are in another world: the treehouse dream world. A weekend full of happy moments, absolutely the best breakfast "for ever", the modern furnishings ... everything was perfect and there will be a reunion. All the best, thank you very much and see you soon!

Susann and Tom - Bremen


Dear team tree whispers!

Santa Claus, he was gone now, so we thought it would be nice to come to you at the tree house resort in a BEAUTIFUL place. Switch off from the stress of everyday life - phew, we ALL accounted for it in no time! The breakfast ... what else can you say, we ... all had more than just a big and full stomach. We have to say that Mummy especially enjoyed the Marzi jam, no question about it! The three deer watched us, but then they disappeared again - in no time.

Goodbye, that's what we'd like to say now, roll home now after this lovely break!

Daniel family from Hambergen


Dear Mrs. Otteken!

We give: Seal of approval storm-tested! Their love can be felt in these beautiful tree houses - from the moment you step inside. We also felt lovingly cared for, not just because of the great breakfast! This place has to be specially protected - on these two hurricane nights we felt completely safe and in good hands!

Thank you very much, best regards

Susann and Antonia, Oldenburg


Full moon night in Cloud Cuckoo Land!

Tree houses inspire the imagination and arouse curiosity. Childhood memories are awakened. A place to play, relax, dream and watch. This is exactly how we experienced it: In a lovingly designed ambience with magical details: Finds from the forest, original Ammerland door in the Ammerland house, messages on bread bags, who knows the secret recipe for the marzipan jam?

We felt very comfortable. How nice is it when leaves grow on the trees?

Many Thanks!

Jaro, Detlef and Bianca Küchle from Hamburg


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