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Tree whispers


Spring Summer

Make your plans for the year in spring and those for the day early in the morning

Tree whisper tips

Rhododendron Park Gristede: A dream to dream - among experts one of the most beautiful private Rhodoparks in Europe: only 10 minutes by bike from the Baumgeflüster resort - also beautiful outside of the blooming rhododendron season.

Park of the Gardens in Bad Zwischenahn: From April to October with over 140,000 square meters a nature park that you have to experience with all your senses:

Football golf at Bernsteinsee & climbing forest, Conneforde Forest4Fun:

... nearby

  • Swing golf

  • Hiking around the Zwischenahner Meer

  • Waterski long Nethen

  • Cycling and feasting - with a picnic basket or in a "gourmet parlor"

  • Customs and customs from the Ammerland. Lively guided tour in the Ammerland farmhouse - certified -

  • Well-being massages in the tree house: Bibi Cunningham

  • Gliding, golfing, horse riding, swimming, surfing, mudflat hiking to an island, picnicking, fishing, bat watching with a detector

  • Wellness in the wellness village Bad Zwischenahn

  • Coastal tour / island visit, walking, chart driving, bowling

  • Draisinenfahrt in Westerstede

  • Scavenger hunt in the forest

  • Tennis, gliding, football games

  • .. even more ideas

  • Canoeing on the Hunte

  • Wellness in the bathhouse in Bremen with a Bremen sightseeing tour

  • Visit to Groningen with a visit to the weekly market

  • Hamburg visit

  • Klimahaus Bremerhaven / Emigration Center

  • Münchehagen Dinosaur Park

  • Hodenhagen Wildlife Park

  • Cloppenburg museum village


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